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The 1St Ever TEST TUBE BABY born in Jharkhand at Brindavan Hospital. Dr.Malathi has proved: Miracles are meant to happen. The 1st ever test tube baby of Jharkhand was born at afternoon on the auspicious National festival day-15th August 2004 at BHRC,Ramgarh under her guidance & supervision alongwith reknowned doctor from Ahmedabad- Dr.Himanshu Patel & his team to 48 Yrs Smt. Jhunabala Devi & 58 Yrs Sri.Ganpat Mahato on the Silver Jubliee Yr- (25th Year) of their marriage-Mr.Mahato is a school teacher at CCL High School.Both the mother and baby are absolutely fine and healthy,the baby weighed 2.5 Kgs. This is seen as no less than a miracle.Dr Malathi has moresoever proved that through IVF- InVitro Fertilization process even matured females in the age group of 40-50 yrs can also have hopes and faith to cherish their wishes of experiencing the joy of motherhood.This 1st case of IVF-TT Baby is seen as a major landmark achievement of Dr.Malathi’s medical career and sametimes this has rekindled the hope of many issueless couples to became proud parents of a sweet baby who will bring tons of joy and happiness in their lives & homes.Already many of them have approached Dr.Malathi or rather God is sending them to Dr.Malathi. Dr.Malathi with ‘SUMAN’ the 1st Test Tube Baby of Jharkhand on her 1st birthday seen with her Parents- Sri.Ganpat Mahato & Smt.Jhunabala Devi of Ramgarh.
Dr.(Miss).Malathi Char CREATED History of making the uncommon happen with her charisma,faith and dedication. On 6th Nov.’05- auspicious DEEPAWALI festival day SIX test tube babies-through IVF process were born at BHRC,Ramgarh. All the babies and their mothers are absolutely healthy without any cmplications, whatsoever. Few days ago two babies were born here at BHRC through IVF process. One lady delivered 3 babies: 2 male 1 female baby together- the 1st such case in Jharkhand. Second lady delivered twins: 1 male,1 female. Third lady delivered 1 baby girl. Dr.Malathi said IVF-InVitroFertilization & Embryo transfer method is a boon for those couples who wish to become parents but are unable concieve due to some constraints,but through IVF the shortcomings are rectified. Females of 45 to 50 yrs age can also become proud mothers,as the 1st test tube baby was born to Mrs.Jhunabala devi W/o Sri.Ganpat Mahato 58 yrs school teacher on I5th August 2004 the Silver Jubliee year-(25th Year) of their marriage & the 1st ever test tube baby of Jharkhand.Their joy and happiness of the parents and BHRC staff is absolutely boundless.