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Education for all

Education For All
Alongwith ensuring best possible health services,our next objective is in trying earnestly to provide facilitations of basic education for the neglected,ignored,needy,poor,less privileged people of rural areas- the kids, girl child, women & adults as many Govt Sponsored literacy programs are available for them.Maitri will work cordially with the Govt authorities as per state govt’s plans~agenda & guidelines to implement the programs in villages. As we believe:- Half of the problems of the Society~Country can be sorted when we all together pledge & make concrete efforts to educate the illiterate masses and instill awareness in them of their constitutional rights & privileges.Once they become conscious,then the so called problems itself get transformed into strength & resources which is an essential factor for a developed society and prosperous Nation.The ignorance of more than half the population of our country about their basic privileges & rights is the breeding ground of exploitation & corruption at all levels.We often read,see and hear about grand launching of various ambitious Free Education~Literacy Projects~Campaigns,Free Mid-Day Meals Schemes etc dedicated for them in Central & State Govt’s plans & agenda, but all is not seen in reality due to various constraints & short comings which are not worthy discussing, rather the way of nullifying the problems should be worked by all of us. Our plan and strategy is to take the Govt education projects to the villages of our operational area, incorporate few methodologies meant to remove the myths,fear & phobias from their minds in order to make learning & studying Joyfilled~Friendly to them,make them aware about their basic privilege~right to formal education, create/ develop the needed infrastructure and ensure that they are implemented effectively and sustained with consistency,like:- Creating a cordial joyfilled ambience for the kids,children to their fancy~liking by providing : toys, play tools, building blocks~cubes ,putting big colorful pictorial Charts of alphabets, numbers, colors~shapes, birds, animals, flowers, vegetables and the alike all around their room, fancy tri-cycles, cradles~swings etc which any kids/children will love to play & learn things in natural way.In due course of time with availability of resources-Audio-Video teaching methods too can be introduced . The above said things/materials will hardly cost anything,but will surely mean a lot for the kids to bring priceless smiles, joy, thrill, happiness for them in their world. Most importantly,these methodologies will awaken in them a natural desire,liking and curiousity to know and learn more & instinct of creativity to try & do new things in the kids, rather than making learning~education a force fed & a boring routine.This will be a small endeavour to give the kids of interior villages their share of rights,joy & pleasures of innocent childhood whereas their counterparts in towns & cities get/ provided with the similar playing stuffs in excess without asking by their well-off/rich parents. We are confident this initiative of facilitating & providing education to all the segments,age groups of people in far off villages will evoke a +Ve response & acceptance amongst all & at the least,relieve the children’s parents from the worries of making arrangement for their child’s education.On the hindsight, even the parents who are illiterate will realize the importance of being a literate person in the society & get motivated to soon join the adults literacy classroom.In due course of time things can be worked out to set up Middle-Higher Schools, Colleges with facilities for specialized courses and professional studies academy/institutions in due course of time. We believe,with the abovesaid plans~initiatives- the widening ratio between literacy & illiteracy / literates & illiterates can be abridged to a sizeable extent, thereby the options and possibilities of exploitation of rural masses too will start shrinking as they become literate and aware of their basic privileges & rights assured to them by the law of our land. We never know many amongst the rural kids after few years will become respectable reknowned citizens in different fields which will make their parents,society nation proud & before whom the world will bow with respect & reverence.