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Avenues of Employment & Livelihood
Having ensured basic health~medical facilities, arrangements of education of different levels, our thrust will be to stop the migration/ flow of rural population towards towns & cities where many avenues of self employment & livelihood earning exists in the village itself.The villagers many a times are Enticed/Tempted by the Glitz~Glamour of town,City life- ignorant of the vices & unseen pitfalls: This will be like: 1. to identify different avenues of employment W.r.t the availability of basic resources 2. Improvising the present employment with add-on friendly technology 3. Creating new ways and possibilities of employment with unharnessed local resources. W.r.t the above, thrust will be on Empowering Women towards Self Sufficency. As it is seen and realized- Women comparatively have greater administrative caliber & managerial skill, more dedication & commitment towards the responsibilities assigned to them,higher levels of patience ,perseverance & tendency to save money….be it managing a small family in a village OR a State,Nation. Motivating them to learn new works,Agro based,forest based livelihood jobs,handicraft,this can be a reliable means of earning livelihood for themselves & their family,which will be in their villages / tolas.The focus will be in establishing Kutir Udyog / Grih Udyog by ways~means of Identifying their prevailing strengths like their efficiency,capability, unseen talent-caliber in making hand made products with clay, bamboo,leaves,grass other naturally available resources by bringing them together & forming Co-operatives /Self Help Groups for them,well qualified & experienced trainers will be appointed to teach them.. Maitri will be co-ordinating with the state Govt authorities & the Co-ops,SHGs,monitoring the needs,developments & organizing/creating market to sell products made by them and paying back the earnings of their hard work to them. On the same lines- for the rural Men- our focus will be to explore, identify,improvise ways & means to enable Add On Value to their present occupation & sametime check the Migration of rural men,women & children towards towns,cities for employment,daily wages labourers where they are exploited in the most degraded way- specially the females who are lured by crooked men/pimps of so called Domestic Helps Agency from Metro cities who convince their poor debt ridden parents by all means,take them for royal rides~promise them moon & stars on the pretext of providing dignified jobs in other states.At least we all are aware of such incidences & realities.There are shocking reports from some districts of Jharkhand where many children and young girls are missing from villages & there is no whereabouts for months~years.We should make them realize that with the same labour and hardwork they can be the kings of their land/ farms insteading of slogging & allowing themselves to be treated as servants/slaves for others in the towns,cities.In most of the migration incidences as agriculture happens to be the basis of their livelihood and majority of them persist with the olden methodology of farming.Here we wish to create awareness about lesser known yet simple & effective V.low cost organic manures which are nature friendly by which the yield of their crops~farms will boost up considerably- Qualitywise & Quantitywise but most of all,these methods will benefit the soil the most,unlike the lethal~hazardous chemical pesticides which kills the fertility of soil in a very short time- making the soil/farms infertile~barren. As agriculture is directly co-related with water and manure- (cow,buffalo dung) we wish to create awareness about water conservation methods-(there are several Govt sponsored plans~schemes for the farmers which can be made available to the village farmers). Sameway, Cattle rearing & Dairy farming once again needs to be promoted on mass scale- in the form of a Revolution as on today.The statistics indicate:- W.r.t National Avg. Milk production – the overall per day milk production from cattles is only 1/5 in Jharkhand. If we see neighbouring state of Bihar,villagers still give utmost priority to cattle farming alongwith agriculture as it is consistent all through the year unlike agriculture.As we know Cow~Buffalo dung has multiple utilities,can be used as the base material for bio-gas (commonly known as Gobar gas) which again is a very safe fuel specially for women as it dosent emit hazardous smoke~fumes and spread all over the house while cooking,the worst sufferers being women who cook. Sametime it can be easily produced and easily affordable by the villagers. The lateral remains of the dung can be used for making Gobar gas can again be used as manure,base material for organic manure-Vermi compost in the fields~farms for this they can avail benefits of various Govt aided~sponsored schemes under Rural Employment generation Schemes.